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Piercing FAQ

tattoo faq

In the content below we will try to answer some of the most asked questions in regards to piercing. A lot of these are frequently asked by our customers when they walk into our shop.

Q. Will my piercing close up if I take the jewellery out?

A. Short answer is yes. Long answer is that it can take different amounts of time based on the placement. Certain piercings may close up within the hour others can take longer to close up. However there is no standard measure of time, even for fully healed piercings.

Q. What is the pain like?

A. It’s different from person to person depending on your pain tolerance as well as the placement. There is no real rule on which places are more painful than others. One thing to keep in mind is that piercings that go through the cartilage tend to hurt more but it depends on the person. In order to minimise the pain and discomfort we only carry out piercings with a needle. Due to the fact that it’s more hygienic and causes less pain and trauma to the tissue.

Q. What are the risks?

A. Piercing is safe provided it’s done by a professional in a safe and clean environment. Despite that there is always a possibility, no matter how small, that it will get infected or rejected by your body. Using a needle opposed to a piercing gun lowers that possibility significantly.

Q. What piercing jewellery do you recommend?

A. We recommend that you use titanium jewellery during the healing process. It tends to have the best results as it does not react to your body. It is also generally safe to use and the best choice if you have an allergy to steel and other alloys. Once fully healed, feel free to swap it out for gold or other metals. Be sure to choose jewellery that is non reactive. The best advice is also to not buy jewellery from unknown sources due to lack of product verification. It’s possible that you will receive fake jewellery marketed as gold or titanium. When in reality it’s a gold plated stainless steel that may contain a high amount of nickel which is very reactive to your body.

Q. What to clean it with?

A. Use 2 teaspoons of sea salt diluted in a cup of lukewarm or cold water and a couple of cotton buds. Don’t use alcohol or surgical spirit as it can irritate the area and is quite painful. Also we advise against using any solutions that are advertised towards piercing cleaning. Many of those solutions contain harmful chemicals and can lead to infection and swelling.

Q. How important is aftercare?

A. Aftercare is a crucial part of the piercing. Poor aftercare can lead to complications such as keloids. Keloid is a skin growth that forms around the pierced area. One of the causes is using a piercing gun instead of a needle, but the main cause of them is poor aftercare. Once it’s formed the only way to get rid of a keloid is to have it surgically removed. Proper aftercare guidelines need to be followed each and every time you get a piercing in order to avoid keloids, infections or other complications.

Q. Do you pierce kids' ears?

A. Yes, however they need to be over the age of 10.

Q. Can I bring my children with me?

A. Due to the health and safety policy of our studio, we can only allow you to bring children in as long as they are supervised by another person.

Q. Can you help me with a piercing done elsewhere?

A. Your first point of contact should be the person who has originally pierced you. However if it’s not possible to get in touch with them or you don’t feel comfortable, feel free to contact us. We will try to help you with regards to any problems you might have.

Q. Can I bring my own jewellery?

A. During the healing process you will need to keep the original jewellery in. From our experience it’s best to use titanium jewellery and that’s exactly what we use. The reason for it is that titanium is non reactive. It won’t rust or react to your body. If you bring your own jewellery in, we can’t confirm exactly where you obtained it from so for best result and your safety we use our jewellery. As we use trusted suppliers and can confirm that it is indeed titanium.

Q. Daith piercings cure migraines?

A. It’s a popular belief that daith piercings cure migraines. However there is no scientific evidence for it. We can’t assure you that your migraine days will be over. Though we’re confident that you will walk out satisfied with your piercing.

Q. What do I do if I’m pregnant and have a navel piercing?

A. A common question is whether or not you need to take it out during pregnancy. You will need to switch to a PTFE barbell. It’s a plastic insert that will retain your piercing. It will bend as your stomach expands. If you do keep the metal jewellery in, it will likely be pushed out.