Hypnotic Art Tattoo is one of the best tattoo studios in Central England.

200 Queensway, Bletchley, Milton Keynes
Mobile: 07397780450
Telephone: 01908 989695
E-mail: hypnoticarttattoo@gmail.com

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Hypnotic Art Tattoo Studio Milton Keynes

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Sometimes we change our minds about our past decisions and if one of them was a tattoo that you no longer like or even more – you hate it, there is a fix for that!

When it comes to unwanted tattoos, they are not permanent anymore. With a helping hand from our Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist in Milton Keynes you can easily get rid of your ink!

We offer a service at the highest standard of quality and safety, supported by knowledge of the best laser tattoo removal specialists. We have combined experience and we use the highest quality equipment to ensure the tattoo will be removed safely and with as little discomfort as possible.

What we offer:

Free consultation with our specialist.

Test patch before the removal, this allows you to find out how you react to the process of laser removal.

Monitored progress of fading after each consultation.

We can either remove your tattoo or fade it for cover up purposes.

Still hesitating? Come and have a free consultation.


  • 16th September 2020

    Hi I currently have micro hair pigmentation on my head it’s like a tattoo looking to get it removed. Does it leave any marks or scaring

  • 15th November 2020
    Marek Haras

    Please can you drop us an email with photo attached so we can have a better look: hypnoticarttattoo@gmail.com

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