HYPNOTIC ART ARTISTS Usually charge per piece.
For Quotation please send Us Full Description.

Full Day (cover ups)


Full Day session

£450-£550 (depends on Artist)

Minimum Charge



Full Day Session


Small Pieces


DEPOSIT IS NOT REFUNDABLE, but will cover the cost of final session.
Hypnotic Art Tattoo reserves the right to change appointment dates with short notice.



Open flesh is a breeding ground for bacteria and infection thats why you need to take care of your new ink.

Leave the bandage on for a minimum of 3 hours. Excitement of having a new tattoo will make you want to remove the bandage so you can show your friends, but your friends will just have to wait until later.

  1. After you remove the bandage, you will want to wash your tattoo so Please follow this simple rules.
  2. Wash your tattoo well after removing the bandage/wrap.
    Wash your tattoo thoroughly (but carefully) using warm water and a soap to remove any excess/dried blood and plasma.
  3. Put your tattoo dry after cleaning it.Use a clean paper towel to dry your tattoo by gently.
    After cleaning your tattoo, ensure the area is COMPLETELY dry /keep dry at least one hour/ before applying a very thin layer of your chosen aftercare product/lotion.
  4. Wash your tattoo regularly if you feel yoyr skin is dry.
    Continue to use a soap and lukewarm water to clean your tattoo.
  5. Repeat the cleaning process until the tattoo is fully healed.
    Remember that your tattoo isn’t completely safe from germs and bacteria until it has COMPLETELY finished scabbing and peeling. Continue to wash the tattoo until this point around One week.
  6. Don’t pick and pull at the flaking/scabbing skin.
    Picking away at your healing tattoo can delay healing, cause fading, and increase the chances of infection.
  7. Stay away from the sun.
    Don’t expose your new tattoo to intense sunlight and don’t apply any sun lotion to the area until it has fully healed.
  8. Stay away from water, souna.
  9. Continue to look after your tattoo once healed.